The Holly Hill House was originally known as
Lookout Cottage.

Catalina, also known as the Island of Romance, is
just a short distance off the coast of  Southern
California. (Twenty-six miles as the song goes).  
The Islands main village, Avalon, is considered to be
one of the most unique destinations for vacationers
visiting California. The island history is full of
interesting folklore and legends such as the one that
surrounds the Holly Hill House.  Built in the late
1800's almost single handedly by Peter Gano using
his horse, "Mercury", to haul large timbers and
lumber.  It was to become home for him and his
betrothed who lived on the mainland.  Her fear of
isolation on the island ended their wedding plans and
made Peter an embittered man.  Legend has it that he
posted a sign on his property saying, "No Women
Allowed", and lived in the house alone for several
years until he sold it and moved back to the
mainland. The Queen Anne style of the Holly House
is just one very fine example of many of the diverse
architectural sights of Avalon.  Mich's Images of
Catalina, produced in black ink, are intended to
suggest a late 1800's to early 1900's influence that is
so prevalent and faithfully maintained by many of the
fine hotels and home owners of Avalon.
Drawings By Michel Esser
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Michel D. Esser
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Examples of old Catalina Tile.
Catalina tile, now a collectors item,
was originally produced from mud
on the island from 1927 - 1937
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Holly Hill House